Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eat, drink organic

Much health conscious Angelinos
have discovered a hot spot

for fresh organic Vietnamese
food hidden away in a strip
mall located in Eagle Rock.

The Blue Hen has been discovered to be one of the most tastiest organic Vietnamese food in Los Angeles and popular for it’s reasonable prices.

Chef-owner Que Dang, who runs the restaurant with her mother, is aware that more restaurants like the Blue Hen are in demand but remain content with their small business, concentrating on being one of the only restaurants in the neighborhood to be organic and unique for their recipes.

“Dang is loyal to making sure that the menu features select dishes with ingredients that are of both organic and purchased from local farmers,” Blue Hen associate, Leona Marrs says. “I think that it is important to have home made recipes for people who want them, even if they have to wait a little longer for them.”

Marrs says that the difference between the Blue Hen and its competitors that the Blue Hen offers not only unique recipes but food is clean and freshly made everyday.”

“We support local farmers and sustainable farming principals which I think is important in a time where clean, organic food is becoming harder to find in restaurants due to contamination and bad work ethics, “ Marrs says.

As you walk into the Blue Hen, a sign with a grade A is in the front window, which proves that this Vietnamese kitchen has superb work ethics and cleanliness.

Although, the Blue Hen does not serve meat, there are many other delicious dishes that are offered such as fresh vegetables, tofu and organic chicken.

The restaurant is also known for it’s huge bowls of tofu and tasty beverages like pulpy orange and lime tonics that consist of freshly squeezed juice, Vietnamese coffee and carbonated water.

You will also find more of an assortment of specials on the colored chalkboard with a list of more desserts and other dishes. Many favorites are the delicious, salty hand cut turmeric fries, caramelized ginger chicken and tofu entrée and specialty soups. They also offer unique grandpas porridge on Friday and Saturday nights. The porridge may be different each week and very popular among the regulars.

Among its hip, modern decor that compares to the small Toi Vietnamese restaurant located in Hollywood, shares the same interior design and understatedly hip décor. But much more peaceful.

The artsy dining area has it’s own character, from the deep red and orange high ceiling paper mache lighting fixtures to the odd paintings on the walls.

The walls are covered with face art drawn on numerous book receipt paper, napkins and plain paper that customers have brought in with them to draw on, which makes the artsy vibe even more appealing.

“Many people do not know about the revolving art show that we like everyone who comes in to participate in,” Marr says. “ Every week we try to make it a different theme from face drawings to people drawing whatever they prefer.”

The Blue Hen provides crayons and paper for children while they wait for their food but many grown-ups and high school students found it just as fun to doodle while they wait and even better when it gets posted on the wall for everyone to see.

Among the artwork on the wall, the service is friendly and warm. Marr says that even though it is calmer during the week with the normal local lunch crowds, she says that weekends can become quite busy.

“Sometimes people will have to wait to be seated on the weekends because we only have 12 tables and many seat only two,” Marr says.

If you are looking for great fresh organic Vietnamese food, fun ambience on the weekends, and love artsy crowds, it is definitely worth checking out and worth the wait.

Just make sure your bring enough paper to draw on, just in case.

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