Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bamboo Hugs the planet

A trendy new eco-friendly clothing line created by sound engineer rock ’n‘ roll mom Claudia Night and activist Tracy Hoare is taking their Bamboo line to the next level.

Night, looking for work that would allow her to spend more time with her daughter Lydia, became interested in Bamboo products when she brought home a towel made of Bamboo fabric.

“Lydia used it, she loved it and used nothing else,” Night said.

Night noticed Lydia's sensitive skin was not as irritated as usual and was curious to find more about how it was made. In her research, she discovered all of the benefits of bamboo and was sold.

Although, the products she found had dull colors and she wanted to create something more stylish.

“I just couldn’t get over all the beige in our linen closet,“ Night said. “When I turned 30, I was ready to start a business. The more research I did on bamboo, the more intrigued I became.”

One of the major reasons to wear bamboo clothing is that it can be more ecologically friendly than any cotton except that which is organically grown. Bamboo is grown without the intense use of pesticides that characterizes most cotton cultivation. Even organic cotton demands a lot of water.

Hoare, who is Lydia’s godmother, was intrigued by Night’s idea to create her own bamboo line of clothing and started looking into bamboo herself.

Hoare said that one of the biggest discoveries was learning about cotton and was disgusted on how many chemicals it took to grow cotton, while organic cotton prohibits such pesticides and insecticides.

Altogether, Bamboo is considered still to be environmentally friendly. It’s one of the fastest growing plants on earth, shooting up as much as a yard a day sucking up the planet’s carbon dioxide, turning it into a useful crop. Bamboo matures quickly and can be harvested in as little as four years.

“It was clear that by using bamboo and organic cotton in our bath blankets, that we were making a differencein the environment,” Hoare said

For Night, it was all about style and comfort, and for Hoare, it was about sustainability and safety.

Hoare said it was the perfect combination, the rock and roller and the activist and the yin and yang of bamboo.

A new journey began for the both of them and they came of with a plan to create their own clothing line called Bamboo Hugs in April of 2008. By August, they had received their very first order, with their official debut in January 2009.

Even though, bamboo towels are more expensive than traditional cotton towels, both Hoare and Night said it is not that much of a difference and more about making a difference in the earth.

“You do have to be aware of who you’re getting your fabric from because there can be a big difference among manufacturers and the quality you get,” Hoare said.

Both anticipate that prices will go down as the public is educated and demands more bamboo.

Even though Bamboo has an extensive root network it doesn’t require replanting. It doesn’t need a lot of pesticides, or require a lot of fertilizer or cutting, which usually relies on gas guzzling farm equipment.

Hoare said that the benefit of bamboo is that it is naturally antibacterial because of an agent in the plant called "bamboo Kun."

According to, scientists say that bamboo owns a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio-agent called "bamboo kun". This substance is combined with bamboo cellulose during the process of being manufactured into bamboo fiber. It is a known fact that bamboo can thrive naturally without using any pesticide. It is seldom eaten by pests or infected by pathogens.

“With Bamboos Hugs blend of 70 percent, it can maximize the antibacterial benefit, along with the cashmere-like softness, high absorbency and breathability of the fabric adding 30 percent organic cotton for strength and durability,” Hoare said.

Hoare said that Bamboo is a delicate fabric and a 100 percent can pull easily. The organic cotton mixed with bamboo gives you a superior long lasting product.

Bamboo Hugs feature a double layer, which makes each side of the bath blankets very soft.

Night said that Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times more than cotton. It also contains the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agent that it prevents pathogenic infection
Because of this, bamboo can help reduce the transmittal of bacteria and other germs that can be found in car seats, childrens toys and other even the parks.

“Moms have been using our Hugs as liners for strollers and car seats for all those sweaty bums.” Night said. “Bamboo Hugs are also anti-static, hypoallergenic, and easy to wash.”

The bamboo fiber used in all of Bamboo Hugs products is manufactured using a process that is substantially healthier and more eco-friendly, using chemicals that are non-toxic to humans and the chemical manufacturing processes are closed-loop so 99.5 percent of the chemicals used during the processing are captured and recycled to be used again.

“The future of clothing needs to be utilizing sustainable resources and responsibility in production of textiles,” Hoare said. “It is time to stop relying on resources that are not only depleting our earth but cause injury and devastation. There are other options that are better for the environment, for health and are superior in quality and comfort.”

Customers from all over the world have been so happy with Bamboo Hugs and say that the quality, fine details are amazing.

A Los Angeles client said her mother gave her a Bamboo Hugs bath blanket that can be used in the bath and had the hardest time getting her kids out of the the tub with it because it was so soft to wash with.

Hoare and Night said that they did not expect to have so much support from their customers who buy their products.

“We didn't expect this at all,” Hoare said. “The difference is that we are all in this for a greater cause and to improve the earth.”

The support that they have received has them even more motivated to help change the way people buy.

“Bringing style and quality into the green market will also attract more buyers and expand this market”, Hoare said.

"Everyone can use a hug, we just make them out of bamboo," Night said. "Our lines consist of the ‘Smart Hearts,’ giving an ode to love for humanity and the environment; ‘Skulls Don’t Cry,’ which give a shout out to rock ‘n roll; ‘Boo Pets’ give little ones a chance to dress up; and the 'Sweet and Simple' sets compliment any minimalist home."

Bamboo Hugs is continuing to create hip bath blankets, as well as additional products made from organic bamboo and other sustainable resources. They are creating a new unique toddler line of bath friends and a venture called MoMstrosity, which is a line of products using bamboo, recycled polyester, and organic cotton, will be available for expected mother’s.

They are also developing a bamboo line of toiletries that will also be on the market soon.

“We have been handing out samples of bamboo toilet paper at our events such as the Golden Globes gifting suite, Green for Grammy's room, Eco- Fest & Go Green Expo,” Hoare’s said.

The toiletries are just an added bonus to the Bamboo Hugs line in keeping the environment clean especially when it’s obvious it will go into landfill. Especially, toilet paper.

Bamboo Hugs shares a portion of each purchase with charitable organizations supporting children, animals, and the planet. Bamboo Hugs is now available throughout North America and offered worldwide. Bamboo Hugs is expanding everyday and can be purchased on, and

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