Friday, February 20, 2009

“Pure drinking water from the air”

Have you checked you water lately? It looks clean when you turn on your tap, but it might be what you can't see that has millions worried. Our everyday routine revolves around pure drinking water but it is easy to forget that fresh water is a life-or-death issue in many parts of the world.

Many strategies and new technologies have been created to help boost water supplies but many are wasteful and very expensive.

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other environmental groups commented on the dangerous state of public water supplies. They have said that the water quality in many of our public water supplies is being degraded by chemical, biological, and physical contaminants.

Fortunately, there is a new technology that offers a remarkable solution to the global water crisis. EcoloBlue Life and Energy has introduced a product line of atmospheric water generators, which utilize a revolutionary patented technology to convert atmospheric water vapor into potable water. The atmospheric water generator produces pure, environmentally safe drinking water out of thin air affordably.

EcoloBlue regional sales director, Manny Lizaso said that the generators capture the moisture from outside air and turns it into the purest, healthiest and highly oxygenated drinking water available to us.

“In the process it removes moisture from outside air, the air is dehumidified and cooled making it ideal air to add into indoor environments,” Lizaso said.

The EcoloBlue atmospheric water generator provides users with ultimate drinking water by producing up to 7 gallons, (28 liters) of pure drinking water per day.

The generator begins making fresh water within 24 hours of plugging it in with no set up.

It requires no water source other than the humidity in the air. Each gallon of water uses, on average, $0.20 cents of electricity to produce.

“That's about $1.00 for every five gallons of water,” Lizaso said.

The generator is powered by electricity and is an extremely versatile product because it produces water from the humidity in the air and it can be used anywhere.

“The generators can be used anywhere such as laboratories, sports clubs, hotels, airport lounges, or commercial stores, to name a few possible implementations,” Lizaso says.

EcoloBlue customer, Richard E. Thomas who is Chief Executive Officer at a surgery center in Hilton Head, South Carolina said that the main benefit of this system is that his employees and customers no longer use water bottles with the polycarbonate plastic that has been known to have potential carcinogenic properties.

“This is a signal to our clients and employees that we care about their well being,’ Thomas says.

Kirk Hyan creator of the website on global water stress “If the Earth Could Speak,” says that the advantage to this approach is that the water taken from the air has already been naturally cleaned, so less energy is consumed to remove any impurities.

Bottled water is much more expensive, per gallon, than tap water. Good filters can remove most chemical contaminants and microbes. Water that originates from a protected ground water source is less likely to contain certain contaminants such as disease-causing microbes, but not all ground water is protected, and no water is guaranteed to be completely free of contaminants.

“This revolutionary technology is helping to meet the growing demand economically and demand for good tasting, quality drinking water even for countries across the world,” Lizaso said.

According to the World Bank, worldwide demand for water is doubling every 21 years and even more in some regions. Water supplies cannot keep pace with demand, as population’s soar and cities grow. The U.N predicts that a worldwide water shortage and supply of fresh ground water will run out by the year 2025.

Also, many of the water shortage problems have been solved in sharing this new technology with other countries especially near more equatorial countries where populations are rising, water is more polluted and have severe water shortages.

Even though it may take longer for the system to generate water in dryer climates, it is very successful in climates that have more moisture in the air and is a start in the right direction in helping the environment.

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